The line

Too many of us stop on the line.

But the line is imaginary. It’s made up. It’s all invented.

We fear that if we go outside the line we will be marked, docked, or deducted.

When we are finished and we have kept within the boundaries that others have set, we wait for recognition followed by more instructions. There is no growth. And then we wonder why we weren’t picked for that promotion.

What did we do wrong? Why didn’t we get picked?

We didn’t pick ourselves to draw outside the lines.

We don’t realize how far past the line we can go. The lines were placed by someone else. (That’s the way it has always been and that’s the way it’s always going to be.)

But we don’t have to stop on the line. We don’t need to turn around when we see it. We can follow through. Think outside the page.

Assume that you have the authority to go past the line until someone else says you can’t.

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