Mr. Hite and the barber school tribe

Tucked away in a corner on 72nd and State, you will find The Barber School. From the outside it doesn’t seem like very much. In fact, it looks like any other barber shop. However, once you step inside you will be pleasantly surprised to find a large group of students learning how to create art using trimmers and clippers.

The mastermind behind this is Tim Hite. Mr. Hite (as he is affectionately referred too) has been cutting hair for over 70 years! He has studied under the best (Paul Mitchell ring a bell?) and mastered his craft over a lifetime of work. Instead of hording this gift, Mr. Hite chooses to share it. In six months time, anyone can come in and learn the art of cutting hair.

His students come from all walks of life. This tribe of misfits Mr. Hite has assembled have left comfortable jobs or come right out of high school to follow their passions. Many of these starving artists are working 80 hours a week to support their families. Just ask the students when you are on the chair, it is part of the experience. Each student has an amazing story of how they got there.

As for Mr. Hite, he wonders between chairs, saying very little. Always observing. When students need his approval, he says one word or makes one motion. Highly respected by his students, Mr. Hite has turned cutting hair into a work of art.

For customers in the Salt Lake area, it is the best bargain in town! For five bucks, you get a five-star service and a great haircut. I never leave without tipping at least that amount (the service is that good).

You can’t help but feel you are part of something special when you go down there. And you certainly can’t help but tip your hat to Mr. Hite, who could have put down the trimmer many years ago. He could have chosen not to share his gifts with the world – it would have been easy. The same can be said with all of us: we could be “just a barber” or we can be an artist. More of us need to take a page out of The Barber School’s book.

Head over to The Barber School and be part of something real.