The NFL will end…someday

In 2013, the National Football League made north of 9 billion dollars with projections to make 25 billion by 2027.

(Amazing since they were a non-profit from 1942 until last year, but that’s a different story all together.)

Yet, you can predict with surety that the NFL will end…someday. Maybe it will be because of concussions, mismanagement, or the market doesn’t care about it anymore. We don’t know how it will happen, just that it will happen.

Since 1900, there’s only one top 100 independent company still in operation today. That’s the Ford Motor Company. Think about that for a minute—you cannot underestimate the impact Henry Ford has played in all of our lives.

All of the rest of these companies have bankrupted, sold out, been absorbed or transformed themselves into something you cannot even recognize. Eventually, everyone becomes irrelevant. Companies have lifespans. Oh, how the mighty fall!

Ford is the only exception. The NFL isn’t but they have done a good job in market penetration. Few organizations can become symbols for an entire city (like in 1903 when Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company in Detroit).

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