Hold your applause until the end

Starting something is applauded.

College: We celebrate the end of high school and acceptance into college. Yet, only 54% of college students will actually finish.

Marriage: It certainly is interesting to see how big of a celebration people have compare to those who have been married for 10 years, 25 years, 50 years. Unfortunately, 50% of marriage ends in divorce (FYI it is actually lower if you don’t factor those on their second, third, etc.).

Other examples include: joining a gym, birthdays, New Years, starting a business, getting into a mortgage. The list goes on.

A new chapter in our lives is exciting and there is something to be said about sending someone off on the right foot. The reality is nothing has truly been accomplished until we finish what we started.

Why do we see alarming rates of unsuccessful completion? It’s much easier to start then it is to actually finish.

Don’t start anything unless you are prepared to invest in the end.