Social media doesn’t do this (yet?)

Music creates bookmarks in our lives. We can flip back to a time when we heard a song for the first time or when a particular song matched our mood. That feeling can make an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Social media doesn’t do this (yet?). Social media does not conjure up the same feelings as listening to a song you haven’t listened to in ten or twenty years. For millennials, social media doesn’t transport us back to high school since it was in its mere infancy. For those that are older social media didn’t exist.

Noise is not memorable but when filtered through rules and principles noise can create music, something desirable to listen to. Social media not filtered through rules and principles is just noise, unremarkable and not memorable. However, if we can discipline ourselves to filter social media through rules and principles (to communicate and connect) then maybe it becomes memorable.

Maybe someday social media will transport us back in time the way music does. Maybe someday we read or watch something on social media that makes a bookmark in our memories and not on our computers that we can flip back to.