Double down

When we make a mistake we tend to feel guilt or shame.

That brings a whole new set of emotions such as anger or resentment.

Then kicks in our adrenaline and we chose to fight or flight.

The odd thing is when we make a mistake, instead of saying you are right and simply move on, we justify or explain our reason. By justifying or reasoning the mistake we somehow insulate ourselves from our own negative emotions or self-talk and subsequently fuel the ego.

What’s worse is when we try to challenge it. That is the double down.

The double down is when you make a mistake and you make a second mistake to justify, reason or insulate the first one by distracting or attacking the “perpetrator.” What I mean is: how dare anyone challenge my divine authority on this matter? (insert sarcasm font)

Foolish people will double down on mistakes they made. Just accept that we made a mistake and simply move on. If you remove the scoreboard and quit keeping track of how many times we have been right in the first place, it shouldn’t matter anyway.