Microwave instructions

I noticed someone wrote and posted instructions on how to use a microwave. Who needs instructions on how to use a microwave? Even if it is a new microwave no one needs the manual. You just do it. You do it because the risk of failing is small. You are not going to be crushed if you can’t figure out how to use the microwave.

It’s also important to ask why. Why was it so important that these instructions needed to be written, edited, printed, laminated and taped next to the microwave?

Step 1) Cover your food.

Stop right there.

Someone had wrote the instructions in hope that someone would cover their food so they (whoever wrote the police and procedure) did not have to clean up after someone else. That is why policies and procedures are written. They are not written to keep us safe but to make sure that we clean up the mess we make so someone else doesn’t have to.