The elevator connection

How can you connect with someone in the length of an elevator ride?

Be trustworthy and capture their attention.

Two examples:

I was in a rougher part of the neighborhood dressed in a button shirt and tie trying to get into an apartment building. A man let me in. We exchanged a few words. He began to tell me a story of how he had just finished a trip down south for the funeral of his brother. I offered my condolences and what must as seemed as an empty gesture asked if there was anything I can do for him.

I knocked on a door to speak with someone and a stranger opened the door. The person I was looking for wasn’t home. Talking to this stranger I asked how this person was related to the family. He replied he wasn’t. He went on to say that he was a struggling alcoholic and that he was just here for the weekend. Seeing the shock on my face he attempted to cover up his statement as a joke.

How can anyone of them know I was trustworthy? I am a stranger. The shirt and tie seemed to have given me an appearance that I was trustworthy. It certainly captured their attention since most where not dressed this way in this part of town.

People desire a connection. By being trustworthy and giving people attention it is amazing what people will share to get a connection. Even if it is with a total stranger and it is only the length of an elevator ride.