A note about the shortest path

The shortest path to becoming a doctor is to go through med school. And if you want to become a marine, you have to go through basic training.

No other way around it. It’s what separates insiders and outsiders.

Everyone is already on the shortest path. There are people out there that will try to sell us on the even shorter one. But they don’t exist.

People like us do stuff like this.

Where do you go to amplify your fears?

We don’t think of the internet as this place to gain reassurance. But that’s what it turns into.

Often, we treat it as a place to amplify the voice in our head.

Yet, we don’t have to. It can also be a space to contribute, to organize, to share your work.

If you are incessantly checking your feed it’s worth asking:

Am I coming here to amplify my fears or to dance with them?

Happened in a hurry

If you could see a car accident before it happened, that would be really cool. It would change the decision you made getting in your car today. But alas, it doesn’t happen that way.

Most emergencies happen in a hurry.

COVID-19 is happening in a hurry. That’s what happens when we have airplanes traveling between countries every day.

The faster we choose to go, the more likely we are to hit an emergency.

In contrast, the slower we go the more likely we can see what is coming around the corner.

Perhaps then we should ask, “Is this an appropriate time for a sprint?” Or maybe we should be thinking further ahead.

[Worth asking: Do people perceive a sprint as panic?]

Plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday.

The next best time?


Now is the time to invest in a better, brighter future. Because the problems of today won’t simply go away on their own.

The next generation just inherits them. Compounded with more interest.

The good news is that next-generation also inherits the good decisions we make today.

Investing takes patience and imagination. Without it, how are we ever to create a better world than how we found it?

Are you an investor or day trader?

How much toilet paper do you need to satisfy your fears?

At Costco, I overheard a couple discussing if they needed more diapers. To which one replied, “I think they will have more in stock later. I have nine boxes anyway.”

What a shame.

Look, since no one was around for the 1918 Spanish Flu, we haven’t seen or been through an actual epidemic where it requires us to change our behaviors. So, we let fear in the driving seat. Why? Because we don’t have the experience to draw on.

Who knows what happens next? But I do know what’s changed in the last ten years is that we have social media to actively feed our fears. Because a rational person knows you don’t need 200 rolls of toilet paper to survive the next month.

The internet, used correctly, is also one of the most powerful tools we have available too. Choose wisely.


Washing your hands is uncomfortable at first

Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that by simply washing your hands you can reduce the spread of germs.

A remarkable discovery in the 1850s. And it helped lay the groundwork for germ theory.

Except, it took the medical community 20 years to change its habits.

The question is, was it painful to change or just uncomfortable?

The longer we wait the more painful it becomes.

[How many would have been spared if they simply washed their hands? Choose your metaphor.]

The value of more stuff

Last year, Americans spent more money on storage units then they did going to the movies.

Ironic really. Even the things we don’t ever use have a home while many others here in Salt Lake still struggle for a place to live.

What’s your narrative about the junk you have?

The more stuff you have the less valuable it gets.

Price and story

One of the best ways to spread the word for Pivot Adventure is through direct email marketing with the schools.

With each school district, we usually average about 500 hits on our website with each blast.

One time, however, we put the actual price of the course on the flyer and only had 50 hits.


Because the story people told themselves about money and mental health treatment doesn’t match.

It’s worth noting that price is a story. And you might need other pieces of the story before you talk about price.

Problems don’t magically get better, they compound

Ever miss a deadline and now the person on the other end you were counting on isn’t answering your phone calls or emails?

The problem isn’t that this person isn’t available to assist you. The problem is that you are out of time and they are now your only option.

It’s important to remember that everyone has a different timetable than you. Lack of preparation on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on theirs.

Every soul has worth

It’s worth repeating for our own selves.

It also stands as a reminder for that person who just cut us off, or the teenager who breaks a promise, or for anyone who just gets under our skin…

Although we don’t always believe it, the world is far better for having you in it. And the same for the others.

Because each of us has the capacity and the opportunity to make things better.