Hope and expectations

It’s hope that the work we do will change the world.

It’s hope that fuels us to create things that don’t yet exist.

Expectations, on the other hand, is the killer of hope. And without hope there is no joy.

We expect that the work we do should resonate with the market because we have put so much time and emotional energy into it.

We expect that just because we started a blog that everyone should read it.

It’s important to remember that the most popular podcasts in the world are only downloaded 20,000 times. It’s not for everyone.

Lower your expectations about what kind of splash you are going to make. But continue to have high hopes. You’ll be much happier when the reward is satisfaction of shipping your work, interacting with the market and getting the practice you need.

That shift will transform the work you do: From changing everyone a little bit to someone a lot.

If it works, then you can do it a little bigger.

The beautiful thing is when your work doesn’t meet the expectations of the market, you can ship something else.