Ego is the enemy

“I want to prove people wrong.”

Okay, write down all the names of those you want to prove wrong.

After reviewing this list: Which ones don’t want to see you succeed? Which ones are hoping you will fail?

Chances are you probably didn’t identify anyone who is actively working towards your destruction. Someone questioning the choices you make is not in the same as someone who is maliciously planning your demise.

This narrative we have built-in our heads is fake. It is our ego. We create these narratives to make ourselves feel important.

The hard truth is that the world is not conspiring against you. The world doesn’t even know who you are. Life is not a zero-sum game–others don’t have to lose in order for you to win.

So why are we still throwing punches? People disagree with each other all the time, doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable. The real enemy is within.