Generosity is what spreads

Reciprocity is this for that. If I spend this much and you spend that much, we will be even.

Gifts are all about charity and generosity. Gifts leave a void in the recipient, an unequal balance.

The power of a gift is that they stay in motion. But once a gift stops moving, it becomes a commodity.

Commodities are accomplished through work. Work is what we do by the hour. It starts and ends at a specific time. Money is the objective.

Labor, on the other hand, is harder to quantify. Labor is what awakens the soul. It’s emotional and is generously given away.

The best gifts, the ones we remember, are full of labor. That is why your daughter’s picture that she spent hours putting together feels more valuable than a slightly bigger TV.

Gifts are what bring us closer together. They tighten the circle. They change us. Don’t stop today. Keep them moving. Continue to share that spirit. Every day.

Real generosity never goes unnoticed.