Emergency storm warnings

Like the emergency storm warning on the bottom of your TV screen, our brains will always display a never ending message of fear.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has kept us alive for thousands of years. It gets us to duck our heads when someone yells fore and it gets us to swerve out of the way when we see someone cut us off.

The problem is that our brain is also afraid of being judged. It is afraid to try anything new because you might look stupid–all in an act to preserve ourselves, to keep us save from harm or shame.

The thing is, this type of fear is perceived. It isn’t real. We are not going to die giving a speech in front of an audience (even though our brains think so).

We need to understand that no one gets on a bike for the first time and is an expert. At some point you are going to fall. At some point there will be shame and embarrassment and discomfort. But that failure is what leads us to growth. Overtime, we get a little better with each interaction we make.

The challenge of our time is to not make the fear go away, but to learn to dance with it.

Do something remarkable despite the presence of fear.

Don’t wait for the fear to go away because it is never going to happen.