It was only two hundred years ago that the first municipal water treatment plant was built. Since that time, this piece of tech has become ubiquitous in the first world. And now, we have taken it for granted.

If you are like me, we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to get water to drink, to cook, to bathe, to clean, to live, to celebrate today.

If you are feeling fortunate to be where you are, consider giving thanks by donating the to Charity: Water. (Or if someone was kind enough to provide Thanksgiving dinner today, consider using the money you would have spent for Charity: Water.)


There are 663 million people who still live without clean water. 663 million that have to walk long distances just to get access. 663 million that could have used that time learning or working to better their situation. 663 million who are susceptible to getting sick. 663 million stuck in the cycle of poverty.

What can we do?

It can be overwhelming to think how we are going to solve something as big as poverty. So instead, lets help solve one problem for 10 people.

Please consider donating $30 to change the life of one person.

Let’s give thanks.



[This is one of my favorite stories: Scott Harrison for ten years was a club promoter. He would party for a living. Until he realized that the road of instant gratification was not enough to fulfill his life. After taking two years to serving the poor, Harrison went and started Charity: Water. Charity: Water has since raised more than $252 million for more than 23,000 water projects in 24 countries. Bringing access to clean drinking water to those without it for millions. What a difference one person can make.]

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