There are over 180 million unique visitors going to every month. Your resume is a needle in a haystack.

Your education? The thing that you went to school for and spent tens of thousands of dollars to give you an edge, well, one-third of the adult population in the US now has an advanced degree. Your education is unlikely to help you stand out. Especially since Google now hires people without degrees.

What would a recruiter find doing an internet search of your name? Are you the first person to pop up? What kind of embarrassing photos are they going to find? More importantly, what contributions have you made and shared with the world?

What if instead of having a resume you had your name on a huge, successful project in your field, online, with your name on it? Or a blog that generated tons of traffic? What about 10 recommendation letters from prominent members of your field?

You might say that you do not have those things. That is the point. Maybe you are not as interesting or remarkable as you think you are. Yet.

Make no mistake; every person’s worth is beyond measure. Every single human being has talents, gifts, and insights waiting to be shared with the world. It is a choice.

One easy way to start today is to sit down and write one thank you card to someone. Share your gratitude. Make a connection. No tricks, nothing is expected in return. Generosity is a practice.

You can always go back to playing the lottery of job searches or copying and pasting the words off the job description so that the computers can pick it up, but I doubt that has worked well in the past.

Wait to be picked or do something interesting. You decide.