People are assets

And assets are people.

There are plenty of organizations that fail to see the value in a person, other than their value as an asset.

Which leads to a large hole in leadership.

At the end of the day, what is it for?

Maybe we don’t need to keep score by how much money we have compared to others.

Maybe we should stop telling ourselves stories that money equals value, money equals worth and money equals approval.

Instead, we can keep score by how much we made a difference today. Maybe we can measure how we helped someone do something that we could never do.

I think we will be surprised to discover when we give more opportunity, dignity and respect to those who haven’t had it; the work we do will make us happier. And in return, it will enable us to do even more.

I don’t think we cannot imagine how important action is to our inner life…The interior joy we feel when we have done a good deed, when we feel we have been needed somewhere and have lent a helping hand, is the nourishment the soul requires. Without those times when man feels himself to be part of the spiritual world through his actions, his soul decays.” – Albert Schweitzer