It’s a choice

It’s a choice to try to make everything perfect.

It’s a choice to numb ourselves from the emotions and feelings of hurt and loss.

It’s a choice to see yourselves as a cog in the machine.

It’s a choice to think the decisions you make don’t matter.

Of course, it’s a choice.

The waves are going to keep coming. They are going to keep knocking us down. The choice is to lie there or to get up.

It’s a choice to lean in to the messy.

It’s a choice to embrace the tension, to not make it go away.

It’s a choice to throw away the map and learn to navigate with a compass.

It’s a choice to make a choice. To not give that power for someone else to make.

Over time, we find that the waves don’t stop coming. But that they appear to get smaller. Making it easier to get back up when life tries to knock us down.