Navigating a world of certainty

The trouble of losing your glasses is that the world appears out of focus.

The world is not really out of focus. We’re not seeing lines blur because they are actually blurry. No, it’s because our eyes have failed us. They have failed to see the world as it really is.

It turns out, even with all the information and data and connection available, most of us feel more uncertain about things now more than ever. And we have distracted ourselves causing us to be more desperate.

Adult cohorts today are more in debt, more obese, more drugged, and more medicated than ever before in history.

We are caught in the cycle of bad decision-making: One bad decision leads to another. Taking us further down a road we don’t want to go down. Because of the shame of being wrong, most of us would rather be off the hook rather than dealing with the situation.

Let’s be clear: People are not evil for being wrong. We all have a deep desire for clarity. But we cannot have clarity when we listen to the noise and the critics and Resistance.

To get unstuck and to see what is actually happening, we have to put aside the fact that we are afraid. Put aside the fact that there are distractions. For a moment, put on your glasses and figure out what is actually happening. No matter how hard we try, we have to see that there are no certainties in an uncertain world.

Unfortunately, many of us would rather pretend that everything is okay. But the popular choice of being comfortably numb makes us less likely to find the connection we are seeking to make.