Leaping isn’t something that is innate in our nature. It’s not something we naturally do because we want everything to be okay.

Everything is not always going to be okay.

The leap doesn’t come when you’re comfortable. It doesn’t come when there is a step by step set of instructions or a manual. And it sure doesn’t come when there is a map or a sign pointing where to go.

No. If you’re looking for safety, then you’ve missed the point of the leap.

Leaping means this might work, this might not work. Leaping comes when you’re standing on the edge of something great and something daring and you’ve done everything you can to prepare for your moment. Leaping is about ignoring the amygdala.

Maybe, you’re not quite sure what the outcome is going to be. But taking a leap is never losing faith in the end of your story. Believing that despite what happens you can prevail over whatever comes your way.