Doesn’t hurt enough yet

The other day, I saw my neighbor sitting on his porch. As I approached him to say hi, I could hear this awful moaning sound coming from within the house.

Concerned, I asked him what was going on.

He said that his dog was lying on a nail.

So I asked the obvious, “Why doesn’t he just move?”

My neighbor thought about it for a moment. He then replied: “Doesn’t hurt enough yet.”

(Of course, this story didn’t really happen to me.)

Sometimes, we get stuck. We don’t want to move because we’re afraid. And we’re afraid because we think there’s something out there that’s going to be the end of us.

But we’re wrong.

We second guess ourselves because, hey, we’re the ones that got us in this mess in the first place. So we figure as long as we can tolerate this pain, why bother rocking the boat.

That’s the cycle of bad decision-making: You don’t want to make things worse, so you do nothing. By doing nothing, you make things worse.

The obvious decisions seem like the easiest ones to make. Yet, we all know someone who is unwilling to move from a painful situation.

It doesn’t hurt enough yet.