Rigor is the opposite of hard work

A young entrepreneur wanted to know how to make a startup successful. So he goes to a seminar to listen to a wise entrepreneur talk about how he made his dreams come true.

During the presentation, the wise entrepreneur states that rigor is the opposite of hard work.

Afterwards the young entrepreneur spoke with the wise entrepreneur to clarify what he meant.

The wise entrepreneur replied, “Let’s do a challenge. I want us to do 25 push-ups everyday for the next year. Are you in?”

The young entrepreneur bewildered; shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

The young entrepreneur stayed with it for a while. And then life happened. Bills started to pile up, family came into town, then there was that one week where he felt under the weather, deadlines needed to be met…the list goes on and on. To get back on track the young entrepreneur makes up all the push-ups he missed in one night.

The wise entrepreneur checks in with the young entrepreneur the next day and asks, “How are the push-ups coming?”

The young entrepreneur explains what happened, how soar he is and that he can hardly move his shoulders.

The wise entrepreneur smiled and said “That is why rigor is the opposite of hard work.”