Quit running from saber tooth tigers

For thousands of years, making a decision based on fear was a good thing. It helped us run from saber tooth tigers. We need this type of decision making to stay alive. However, we don’t live in an era where we have to run from saber tooth tigers anymore; yet this is how our brain operates. It moves fast and is quick to react.

There are two types of risk: real vs. perceived.

Real risk means that the consequence of failing can crush us. We are in true danger when running from the saber tooth tiger (we fear that we will die if we can’t escape).

Perceived risk is an emotional reaction when something feels risky ergo we must be in danger (we fear that if our boss gives us a poor review then we will be fired, we won’t be able to pay the bills, we will go homeless, we will go hungry and then we will die).

Most of us are afraid to do work that actually matters because the fear of failure means we will bring shame upon us. However, this shame is a perceived risk. Getting crushed doesn’t mean we are going to die by the jaws of the saber tooth tiger.

There is a way to combat fear and that is with faith (believing without seeing).

Have faith that what you made and created is worthy putting out there for the world to see. You may be criticized but the work wasn’t for them. The work was for the person that got better when they used your product, good or service. Quit running from saber tooth tigers. Time to start making decisions based of faith.

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