Remove the scoreboard

What if we weren’t going to keep track of who did what for who today?

Externally someone may not do their fair share of the project. Internally this creates frustration. Frustration that we have lost something (pride, time, money, etc.). Someone may have crossed you the wrong way, looked at you and said something that didn’t make you feel good. So you keep count. If the score improves then they can be back in our good graces.

What if we removed the scoreboard? What if instead we start keeping track of what we have done to help someone else today? No more even steven. No more going half way, instead we go all the way.

What have you done to create something beautiful for someone to enjoy? What have you done to make someone’s life a little easier or better? What have you done to make someone feel better about themselves?

How many of our relationships at work, at home, in our marriage, in our schools, churches could improve by simply not keeping track of the score of the opposing team?

Start keeping track of what good you have done in the world. Stop worrying about everyone else is score and just keep improving your own.