2% cash back guarantee

I have never, ever heard anyone admit that they don’t pay their credit card on time. Here are some stats:

  • 100 million Americans do not pay off their credit cards each month.
  • 63% of those that bankrupt couldn’t pay their credit cards.
  • 47% more is spent when using a credit card vs using cash.
  • 75% of airline miles are never redeemed.
  • More money is spent in the US on storage facilities then going to the movies.

Someone out there is not on time. Someone is getting charged for being late. Someone is over drafting. Somebody has to be doing it; otherwise the credit card business wouldn’t be in business.

Credit cards are the cigarette of the financial world. It’s time to cut them up.What about the points? Who cares about the points! I don’t have to sit around looking at my bank statements and worry did I pay this off in time?

But what about 2% on all purchases? Again who cares?
That is 2 cents off every dollar.
20 cents for every 10 dollars.
2 dollars off every 100 dollars.
20 dollars off every 1,000 dollars.
200 dollars off every 10,000.
2,000 dollars off every 100,000.

None of these points or cash back bonuses or flights will change your life. It only takes one time to be late. One time for the credit card companies to get a $39 late charge for them to win.

Credit card companies are not your friends. They are not trying to make your lives better. They are selling bondage.

Don’t sell yourself so cheap for cash back gimmicks. Your time and attention are far more valuable than what they can offer.